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It's an interesting moment every time I meet someone who recognizes me from Jalopnik. "Hey! You're Doug! From Jalopnik!" they always say. "The guy with the Penus and the CarMax Land Rover!" And then, in all their excitement to learn more about the industry, and all their eagerness to talk about cars, they invariably

I saw a writer self-plagiarize earlier this year. I never called him out on it, because he wasn't a journalist and had never gone to journalism school,(that I'm aware of). He was like me, someone who had been picked up by a site to write, only he's a legit, paid writer with a wife and kids. Writing is his profession

Jesus. Really Speed Twitter account?! This disrespectful shit? If Schumi has any awareness at all, it's to get better to see his wife and kids, not some effing soccer game.