I saw a writer self-plagiarize earlier this year. I never called him out on it, because he wasn't a journalist and had never gone to journalism school,(that I'm aware of). He was like me, someone who had been picked up by a site to write, only he's a legit, paid writer with a wife and kids. Writing is his profession now. I think for people like that, web sites should not just throw them to the fucking wolves. Heck, I only learned what self-plagiarism was last year, FFS. Send them off with some guidelines or pay for some journalism classes for them. I think most of us know plagiarizing is wrong, but there's details that fans, bloggers, casual authors, and others will miss if not guided.

Sorry you lost a pal at Buzzfeed. Perhaps it's only temporary rage+worry on their part.Let the situation blow over a little.

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